This is the 20 inch Shafer-Matsukov Telescope built some 20 years ago by Dr. Fred Jenkins in his garage.  Currently residing in the care of his grandson Thomas Jenkins, it had been the intention, in the not too distant future, to move it to an observatory in the National Botanic Garden of Wales. However, as can be seen from the note at the top, this now won't happen.


For more information see - Stargazing at the National Botanic Garden of Wales


and  National Botanic Garden could become home to an observatory housing the largest telescope of its kind in Wales.


Why an understanding of Astronomy is important for Environmental Issues 


Jan 2014.  The National Botanic Garden of Wales has now been awarded

Dark Sky Discovery Status.



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April 2017:  It has now been decided that it is not possible or practical to put the 20" into the observatory at Penllegare due to light pollution from the surrounding housing estate and the fact that it would end up in the middle of a rounabout.  And events at the Garden have now changed in so far as proposals for a ecological roll-on roll-off shed are being investigated with the possibility of housing the 20" there.  Watch this space for more information.


May 2014: The Swansea Astronomical Society, rather than moving the scope to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, have  now offered this scope to the Penllergare where it is hoped it can be used in the restored 19th century observatory.  But as it is a grade II* listed building they will need the consent of Cadw, apart from all the technical challenges that they will face.  For the latest information about the restoration project see Penllergare Valley Woods 


Dec 2015: A proposal has been put to Penllergare as to how they might use the scope.  We are awaiting their response.