Below are some of my best Jupiter images produced using the Celestron 9.25 SCT AVX and the very basic Philips SPC900NC webcam.  These are captured using WxAstrocapture via a little HPnetbook using a 2xTelevue Barlow (or 3xshorty Meade).  Initially these were done with 1800 frames @10fps, 1/25 sec exposure. and the best 50% of these are aligned and stacked in AutoStakkert!2, then wavelets and jpegs created in Registax 6 and finally cropped, flipped and saved using Adobe Elements 11 as required.   Now I have decided the 1500 fps gives better definition and use 60% - still the same number.


As always the quality of the end result is overwhelmingly determined by the seeing conditions.   Click on an image to get a larger picture and then the right arrow to page through.