Following an offer in the Sky at Night magazine I decided to try out remote robotic imaging.  This involved using the Bradford Robotic cameras and telescopes situated in Teneriffe where the weather is usually clear.  So on the 1st August 2014 I submitted 6 requests and the following morning 4 of them were completed.  Editing is done via their online editor.  It does take a bit of practice to get the best results from it.


For he best images you need to be realistic in your  object choices.  Don't ask for an object that isn't visible - their constructor tells you if an object is visible and the best dates for it.  And use the image gallery to find the best photos,- ignore the ratings  and look at the settings used for these.  Move the mouse over an image to see the caption, left-click for a bigger image, then click on left/right arrows for next image.


Nov 2016: At the beginning of the year this observatory was taken over by the Open University and they have been refurbishing it. I did get one trial image back from them which was probably the best one I have ever had with them.  We don't know yet what the cost will be.  Previously it had been £3 (£5 from last year) for  maximum of 10 images at any one time.


May 2018:  Sadly the telescopes are still not in service!